Why Some People Dating While Married

having an affair with a married woman

Have you ever wondered why some people dating while married? Some of us might have. Dating a married man or woman is not a common thing. Some of us may see that as abnormal thing. Others may find out it interesting. But, we do not know which one has the dominant voice. Dating someone else while married can be said married affairs whether it is abnormal or interesting.

The reason why this happens

There will be many reasons why some people dating while married. Sometimes, the reason is simple because they like it and they want it. But on the deep inside, they who are dating while married have private agenda to do that. Some married people end up unhappy with their married. But, they cannot break the marriage for some reason. Dating while married can be the way they seek for some happiness outside their married. Otherwise, they want to hurt their spouses. There is nothing that hurtful enough except being betrayed in the relationship.

What is it so special of dating married man?

Dating a married man for some women can be interesting. Now, there are some women looking for married men for dating. Some women find married men are more attractive than single men. Women who date married men usually do it only for temporary relation. When the men do not lie about their marital status, and the women do not mind, both the women and men should have known the risk.
The woman who has affair with married man should know that she is not the priority in his life. Besides that, she should not take everything about him seriously. She should have known that she does not own him even though he is happier with her.

The relationship between married man and single woman may be not as serious as his marriage. However, it cannot be said as the thing that destroys the marriage. The marriage might have been broken before. Moreover, the relationship of them cannot happen if both of them do not want it. The woman does not break the marriage because the man is willing to do that.