Married and Flirting at the Same Time

What will we say, when we see our friend or relative who is married and flirting at the same time? We may say that he or she is not faithful to his or her partner. Otherwise, we may say that their marriage is not in the good condition. Maybe, we assume that she or he is just being playful. We cannot really know if we do not really know about the person and his or her marriage.
The old point of view will say that the person who is married and flirting at the same time has done some wrong. It can be assumed that he or she has damage the faith in marriage. Marriage is a sacred thing that both of the spouses suppose to be faithful to each other. However, the world has changed and some people have seen the life from different side. Some of us may assume if the flirting does not lead to any sexual contact, it can be said it is find. It does not cause harm to his or her spouses.

married but lonely relationships

The cause of being flirty

Lonely marriage seems ironic. However, it happens sometimes. Feeling lonely in a marriage may cause the husband or the wife flirt with other people while they are out. Being married and alone seems impossible. The purpose of the marriage is to accompany each other in good and bad forever. However, the life does not always go as expected. When being a married person could be lonely, it is not different from being single person. Some situations in marriage can lead to being a person that unhappily married which cannot be figured out why it happens.
This kind of situation does not happen to one couple. Many people have that kind of feeling in their marriage. When there are dating sites for married people, this situation can be said a common thing. The dating sites can be the alternative to find happiness. It can be an escape from them who are lonely but married. Otherwise, it can be the place when they find other people who are in the same situation. It is always nice to share something that bothers.