How are my Home Insurance Rates Determined?

It’s no secret that home insurance is important to carry in Florida and depending on your flood zone area, sometimes required.  Home insurance protects your home against adverse weather elements that can be destructive to a home, but that’s not the only line of protection that you gain with a policy in place. Home insurance also protects against home invasions, burglary, and other mishaps at the home. It is financial protection that no homeowner can afford to be without.

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But, it’s no secret that home insurance rates can be a bit shocking to some people, especially for those who are on a limited budget. It’s best to compare rates with several companies before choosing a policy if you want to get the best possible rates for your home insurance palm coast fl policy. However, it can also benefit you to know how your home insurance rates are determined to understand how much you will pay to insure your house.

Insurance companies offering home insurance policies base rates based on what is known as perceived risk. The closer your home to the ocean, for example, the bigger risk that your home is in for weather damages and the more expensive your coverage rates are going to be as a result. Each insurance company as their own set of standards and guidelines they follow to further determine a homeowners perceived risk.

If you have filed a homeowners insurance claim in the past, the current insurance company will also review this information and take it into consideration to determine your perceived risk.  Sometimes, even claims filed by other homeowners on that particular home can cause an increased rate in the costs of your coverage, since the home is likely to sustain damage again in the future.