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You May Be Small But Even You Need Biz Insurance

If you are a small startup and you reckon you are adjusting well to what they call the Fourth Industrial Revolution or the Internet of Things, you may fancy yourself to be quite smart. One feature of this smartness is that your business or work inventory is pretty small, almost non-existent really. Example being that many of you have discovered that you pretty much don’t need an office to work out of.

And your only tool of trade is your smart mobile device. Yes, it’s possible. You could be running a pizza order business online, but you won’t need a delivery van and you may not even have to employ a pizza delivery guy. And so you think to yourself; this is really smart, there’s a lot of capital expenses I can cut out. Heck, you don’t even need insurance. Wrong! Of course you do. It’s tricky because your downloadable insurance app will be pretty useless if you don’t have a business insurance lodi ca plan.

Because you’ve just lost your pride and joy. Happens when you’ve lost your smart mobile, currently your (one and) only tool of trade. Well, it was because now it doesn’t exist anymore. Just think, if you had the very basic cellphone insurance plan, you could have replaced your lost mobile by now. This has been a metaphor of sorts, with a twist of irony, of the consequences of not having custom business insurance if you’re running your own business, no matter what its size, and no matter what kind of business it is.

business insurance lodi ca

Not having any insurance whatsoever – life, personal, commercial or business – means you could lose a lot more than your mobile. Not smart after all, wouldn’t you think?