Lonely Housewives in the Media

Relationship issue has always been an interesting subject. It can be in a sitcom, prime time, drama, or even political. You have seen it in books and movies too. Many are pictured right, but most often they are embellished with dramatic details. Well, real life can be dramatic too. There are many married but lonely people who are looking for a new outlet to escape their boring life and cheat on their significant other.

cheating housewives

Some Prime Examples

A lot of people are lonely but married, whether by force or not. Sofia Coppola brought this matter up through Scarlet Johansen’s characters in Lost in Translation. She’s an easy example on a married but lonely woman. Another prime example is Anna Karenina; she’s the symbol of being an example of lonely housewives in a marriage. And even after starting a new life with her lover, she still feels lonely and unhappy.

Is it always Women’s Fault?

The amount of women who are lonely in marriage is actually up on par with men who feel the same. Now, these men might not be actively looking for women to satisfy their needs that their wives failed to give. But somehow, it seems like they always keeping their option open. Some men feel appealed to try cougar dating just because their wives are younger than them. Again, the women aren’t always at fault here. Both the wife and the lover might not be aware of each other and the situation they are in. But it also doesn’t mean that the guy is the one at fault.

Media might distort your mind or opened it up. It’s all about how you want to see an issue. When it’s about married but looking people, there’s nothing much to do except being supportive. Before recognizing the causes behind the lonely feeling, it’s better to admit it outright on how lonely you feel. The first step on solving a problem is by admitting there is one. You might not have to meet a counselor or even engage in an illicit affair with clandestine meetings to admitting it. Read a lot of books, watch movies, feel related to the characters presented might help you on dealing with your issues. After all, real life can be stranger than fiction.